A Crisp Sparkle with HipChips London

A Crisp Sparkle with HipChips London

Like a bit of crunch and have a childhood memory of those little packets of salt in bags of crisps? Adore reinventions of the classics, and enjoy celebrating heritage produce? You’re likely to love HipChips.

This Soho restaurant serves crisps sliced from British heritage potatoes and dips so good that Metro described them as “spectacular”, and the Smoky Cheese Fondue with Pickled Red Onions variety as, “Manna from heaven”. There are sweet dips – Strawberry Cream & Pimm’s, Cheesecake & Lemon Tart – to go with the savoury, and the crisps are all made from pre-war varieties of potato. They make a delightfully colourful display, and reading the names is like a poem: Shetland Black, Violetta, Red Emmalie.

But what could you possibly drink that would cut through the saltiness and all those intense flavours? Something not too sweet, but crisp (in an appley, rather than Ready Salted, way) and refreshing? Yup, Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco. We’re pouring at HipChips, and going down a storm with everything from the baba ganoush to the Jalapeno, Coriander & Lime.

HipChip, 49 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 6HL

Published: 05/09/2017