By All Means Eat By CHLOE

By All Means Eat By CHLOE

Given the popularity of Veganuary and the acres of recent press devoted to a vegan lifestyle, you probably don’t need proof that plant-based living has moving firmly into the mainstream.

But if you’re hesitating to live on the veg (see what we did there?), we can confirm that eating and drinking vegan is officially cool. The final tick on vegan’s top of the crop rating came this week with the London opening of the celeb-fave restaurant chain by CHLOE. Yoga-toned vegerati form queues round the block at the existing branches in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, desperate for Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Guac Burger and Butternut Bruschetta.

Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco flowed at the launch party, sipped through straws by Lucy and Tiffany Watson, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Tallia Storm and Sarah Jane Crawford (pictured above left with co-founder Sam Wass (centre) and Lucy Mecklenburgh (right).

Guests loved knowing that Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco is both vegan and organic, with a taste as fresh as by CHLOE’s famous beet ketchup.

So if you like to party the Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco way (endless healthy hedonism and making choices based on knowing exactly what you are eating and drinking) you are going to love by CHLOE. And possibly feel surprised at ever having found a bacon cheeseburger an appealing option.

London’s first branch (five more are planned) is based in Covent Garden, and fittingly Fish ‘n’ Chips is on the menu as a signature dish.

As you can’t book, we recommend getting in line early!

Published: 12/02/2018