Calorie Counting? To be honest, it’s not us…

Calorie Counting? To be honest, it’s not us…

We have to be honest, counting calories isn’t something we do a lot of at Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco towers. We care about what we eat and drink, and as a brand we live for fitness and wellbeing, but, well, we’re alcohol.

And while plenty of surveys reveal the benefits of wine to health through the power of antioxidants, we’re not scientists or doctors and we’d rather let you in on cocktail recipes. Or where to work-out to a pumping soundtrack with Skinny Prosecco in the bar (yes, bar – that’s our kind of gym) afterwards. Meet Ministry of Sound off-shoot Ministry Does Fitness.

At 66 calories per 100ml, Skinny Prosecco does contain fewer calories than regular Prosecco. At 7g of sugar per litre we also contain significantly less sugar than the vast majority of Prosecco on the market that adds between 12 to 15g of sugar per litre But we will never talk about Skinny Prosecco as being “low calorie” or “diet”.

What we will do is shout our organic credentials from the rooftops and won’t hesitate to let the world know that we are proudly vegan. A surprising number of animal by-products are used in wine production for filtration purposes (don’t get me started on bulls blood and egg albumen), but we’ll continue to use old-fashioned methods to keep things sparkling, even if our time-honoured methods do tend to take longer. We’ll also never scrimp on the quality of our Glera grapes, and the careful way we harvest them.

One thing we can all count on is that at 11%ABV Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco contains the same alcohol as any other Prosecco.

So if you’d like a shot of healthy hedonism, are conscious about the amount of sugar you consume, and like your drinks to be as natural as possible, Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco is for you. Just don’t start totting up those calories because, in our humble opinion, anything diet mentioned with alcohol doesn’t really add up. And while kale smoothies definitely have their place, you’d never call one a ‘party in a bottle.’

Published: 11/10/2017