HSBC Supports Thomson & Scott with £225,000 financing pack

HSBC Supports Thomson & Scott with £225,000 financing pack

As reported in The Times today, HSBC has launched a £2.2 billion lending fund for small and medium size enterprises including support for Thomson & Scott.

In an official press announcement today HSBC outlined its commitment to supporting SMEs take opportunities in new international markets.

Cited in Business Matters Magazine, Thomson & Scott is benefitting from a £225,000 financing package to help the company expand on its global position as a wine brand for the future.

HSBC’s Regional Director Arjan Van Den Berkmortel said, “This fund shows our commitment to support the growth aspirations of SMEs.

“We’re all about helping businesses to take new opportunities and grow. We want to reassure them that we’re here to support them.”

Amanda Thomson, Founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott said, “It has continued to be a busy and exciting time for Thomson & Scott since we launched our Prosecco in 2016. As a result of the support from HSBC UK, we can grow our new brand in the way we want. It has given us the confidence and support we needed to launch our new alcohol-free sparkling wine Noughty.”

The news was also reported in Eat Drink Sleep.