Platinum Jubilee Will Be A Noughty Affair

Platinum Jubilee Will Be A Noughty Affair

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year from 2-5 June. She has reigned for 70 years and the nation will come together to enjoy some well-earned time off to raise a glass to Her Royal Highness.

For those of us who will be enjoying alcohol-free toasts, Noughty corks will be popping across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We give you our top 5 tips for celebrating the Queen's Jubilee in true British style without the regretful morning after:

1. Knees Up Mother Brown! - whether you're standing on your best garden furniture or the wallpaper pasting table in the middle of your street come the Jubilee celebrations, there's one thing you'll need - balance. Dancing and drinking are no strangers to each other so make sure you've got your moves worked out, your glass of Noughty nicely chilled and you're suitably limbered up and ready to go.

2. Food, Glorious Food! - Since the days when Oliver and his workhouse boys first sang of cold jelly and custard when going up to receive their daily gruel, food has been the centre-piece of any street party. Make sure you remember to celebrate with a Jubilee Cake. We found our favourite recipe at BBC Good Food using raspberries, almonds and sugared rose petals.

3. Know Your Union Jack - flags will be flying all over the place across the Platinum Jubilee, but do you know its origin? Made up from the St George, St Patrick and St Andrew flags, the 'Union Jack' got its name from it being flown at the bow of ships representing the three kingdoms that fell under the rule of King James VI of Scotland who united England, Scotland and Ireland in the early 1600s. You can bore your friends and family with the details over some cucumber sandwiches and cheese and pineapple sticks.

4. Location, Location, Location! - Whether you're planning to drag your dining table and chairs out onto the pavement, pop up the gazebo or just snap open the deck chairs, it might be good to know that supporting your local boozer is still as important as ever. Luckily, pubs, clubs and bars will be allowed to stay open an extra two hours over the extended Bank Holiday.

5. Noble Knowledge - A Jubilee Celebration would not be complete without knowing your monarchs. Dazzle the neighbours with your encyclopaedic recall of all the British kings and queens with this useful shorthand:

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry three;
One two three Neds, Richard two,
Harrys four five six, ... then who?
Edwards four five, Dick the bad,
Harrys (twain),VII VIII Ned six (the lad);
Mary, Bessie, James you ken,
Then Charlie, Charlie, James again;
Will and Mary, Anna Gloria,
Georges four,I II III IV Will four, Victoria;
Edward seven, George and Ted,
George the sixth, now Liz instead.