The One Where Victoria Pendleton Eats the World’s Best Burger and Drinks Thomson & Scott Prosecco

The One Where Victoria Pendleton Eats the World’s Best Burger and Drinks Thomson & Scott Prosecco

I don’t know about you, but there are a few reality shows I occasionally enjoy a guilty binge on. Made in Chelsea’s floppy hair being flicked around one of London’s most exclusive postcodes makes me smile and Keeping Up with the Kardashians brings out my inner stylist who starts being me extremely ashamed of my own grooming.

I once found myself filing my nails to a sharp point and painting them purple. This was back in Season 3, about 250 years ago in terms of Kardashian fashion style, so I’ve a lot left to learn. And quite a few ‘nail art’ evolutions to go through – watch this space.

Now, let me get to why Victoria Pendleton is leading this blog!

I get the same buzz reading film and restaurant reviews. The former is because in a former life I was an arts correspondent for the BBC. The latter is because through my portfolio of Thomson & Scott sparkling wines I’m now part of the hospitality industry.

So, I nearly fainted reading Giles Coren’s The Times review of By Chloe (Boss Sam Wasser flanked above by Sarah Jane Crawford and Lucy Mecklenburgh.) These deliciously vegan restaurants from the US just happen to be my favourite fast food chain, and I discovered it for the first time when launching Thomson & Scott Prosecco in Boston (Massachusetts rather than Lincolnshire – though we’re making our way through northern England too). While enjoying the best, “free vegan burger I’ve ever had” (cheeky) Coren sidled over and chatted to Victoria Pendleton, ‘… over a small bottle of Prosecco.”

Guess what? The beverage in question was Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, helping diners celebrate at London’s launch of By Chloe in Covent Garden. Queues snaked around the surrounding streets with vegan (and vegan-curious) punters keen to sample ‘fish and chips’ and the aforementioned burger. Which is, for the record, pretty wild: an unctuous mix of black beans, sweet potato and quinoa topped with luscious guacamole.

And while I might be a little biased it does taste delicious with my Prosecco. Let’s hope Victoria Pendleton felt the same way! And just to remind you of what a superhero she is, here’s a shot of her at work below.