Across The Pond: US Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine News and Trends

Across The Pond: US Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine News and Trends

Sober Curiosity and Mindful Drinking

What’s the big deal about non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

There is a reason the wellness industry in the United States is a $4.2 Trillion business. We like and want to feel good and hopefully live a long time. Who doesn’t? But it’s not always so easy.

Sugary drinks and sodas are at every turn. The siren-like call of our digital devices pulls at us every minute of every day. And the world seems so much more… tense these days.

Getting lost in a box of donuts or a bottle of wine can be pretty tempting. Fortunately, thanks to the growth of the wellness industry, it’s increasingly possible to have our cake (or wine) and eat (or drink) it too.

Ask What’s in Your Bottle

Mindbodygreen reported that the concept of Farm to Table Wines – e.g. clean, organic, natural and/or pesticide free – would be a top wellness trend of 2019, and it has been. Consumers are finally starting to realise that not only should they be asking what’s in their food but also what’s in their bottle.

The wine business is also finally starting to listen. It now offers up more wine labels with ingredients lists and nutritional content information, placing a greater emphasis on organic, sustainable winemaking practices. Others are advocating for more “Mindful Drinking,” encouraging consumers to better integrate an occasional tipple into their overall wellness-based lifestyle, versus bingeing to escape.

Are You ‘Sober Curious’?

Many “Sober Curious” millennials are looking to drastically reduce alcohol or increase their choice of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. There’s also a quickly growing trends towards non-alcoholic alternatives to beer and spirits.

Nielsen recently reported that around half of U.S. adults and two-thirds of those ages 21 to 34 say they’re trying to drink less. But, unlike in the not-so-distant past, this no longer means only having a diet or sugary soda as an alternative. Businesses are recognising the power of this trend to provide new delicious non-alcoholic options.

Social media groups dedicated to the movement are cropping up as well, as are alcohol-free “bars,” events and gatherings.

Noughty is the Answer

Our “Noughty” – a 100% non-alcoholic sparking wine that is also vegan-friendly and organic was created to hit on every one of these trends, as we realised there was a big need that wasn’t being answered. The product is slated to arrive stateside in the coming months.

We share the space now with so many other businesses choosing to innovate and can’t wait to see what’s next. As we like to say, drink beautifully, or don’t drink at all.

Where We’re Sipping

We are loving the scene at Elinor, the in-house “Drinkery” at MADE by Millworks, a mixed-use space that is part retail, part art gallery, part event venue in Long Beach, California.

Named for “barrier-breaking” women and the city of Long Beach’s own history, the bar features an ever-changing menu of wines (including Thomson & Scott Skinny Minis!), craft beers and non-alcohol options from local, independent, or woman-owned breweries, wineries and crafters.

What We’re Sipping

As we head into the cooler months, we have been playing around with some Prosecco-based cocktails using cozy, autumn flavours (and Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, natch). This recipe for Honey Roasted Pear Sparkling Cocktails (including a ‘mocktail’ version) has us donning white cashmere sweaters and lighting fires, despite the 80-degree September California weather.

Where We’re Headed

Stay tuned for some exciting Winter collaborations with a VERY cool, female-owned fitness brand. We’ll also bring you more news of Noughty hitting US store shelves in the coming months!