Forbes Lists Noughty As Top Non-Alcoholic Wine for Dry January and Beyond

Forbes Lists Noughty As Top Non-Alcoholic Wine for Dry January and Beyond

Forbes magazine has listed Noughty Premium Non-Alcoholic Wine as Best Non-Alcoholic Red Wine and Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine in its list of top picks for Dry January and Beyond.

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Forbes' review of Noughty Rouge Dealcoholized Red Wine says, "If you’ve been looking for a hearty, medium-bodied non-alcoholic wine, this bold red is an excellent choice.

"Layered with complex notes of red ripe fruit and black pepper, it offers an earthy palate with a bit of sweetness, making for a balanced beverage that’s ideal for pairing with hearty pastas or red meat. It’s crafted from South African syrah grapes, so you should enjoy a smooth mouthfeel, too, rounded out with a long finish and noticeable tannins.

"Truthfully, dealcoholized red wine can be difficult to make; it often lacks the texture and body of the real thing. We think this is a fine alternative, and one of your best bets when it comes to swapping out a red."

Of Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay it says, "This dealcoholized bottle of sparkling chardonnay fizzes with small, gentle bubbles and boasts a crisp, dry flavor, no different than your favorite bottle of cava or Prosecco.

"It’s certified organic and it’s also low in sugar, which makes it a healthier option to pair with your favorite foods. Whether you cheers over a rich, hearty meal or mix it into a weekly cocktail, this bottle of bubbly is great for pairing with a variety of foods. The light body and notes of tart apple mean it can be served with cheese, fried chicken or almost any dessert."