Gotham Magazine Singles Out NA wines That, "Well... Taste Like Wine" - Noughty Included

Gotham Magazine Singles Out NA wines That,

We were delighted to see Noughty Non-Alcoholic Wine included in Gotham Magazine's latest list of non-alcoholic wines available for those balancing their alcohol intake this season.

Here's what the mag said about Noughty Non-Alcoholic Wine: 

“It doesn’t have to be alcohol to be rock’n’roll." So says Noughty founder Amanda Thomson, a woman on a mission to bring top-quality sips with absolutely no drawbacks. Launched in 2019, Noughty is a B-Corp certified producer of NA sparkling wines that are also organic, vegan, halal and low sugar. Noughty puts just as much emphasis on being good to the planet and the greater human community, so you can enjoy every ounce of these bubbly chardonnays, rosés and rouges without any threat of hangover or karmic debt. Taste these Export Champion London award-winners for yourself."