LA's The New Bar Offers Toolkit For Healthy NA Drinking

LA's The New Bar Offers Toolkit For Healthy NA Drinking

The New Bar in Venice, Los Angeles was created by individuals who questioned why alcohol is so closely associated with having fun, connecting, and relaxing. They sought ways to be more mindful about drinking, without sacrificing enjoyment...

They found non-alcoholic drinks helped them focus on having a good time, and created The New Bar as a place for anyone who wants to drink less. 

The New Bar provides products, tools, and information to encourage mindful, healthy drinking and self-care. The New Bar says it “does not judge, but hopes to create a space for all to discover that it's fun to be good to yourself.”

The New Bar team could also be found at Coachella this year, bringing the joy of moderation to festival goers. Their presence had such a great impact on the crowds that the festival has launched sober campsites. 
We’ve been delighted to see their fantastic team party with Noughty at their store on Venice Beach CA.

The staff are incredibly knowledgeable about all our wines and will help find the perfect drink for you. We can’t wait to see more Noughty fans in Venice! 

The New Bar is located on the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Marco Place in Venice, California: 1821 S Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291