Melissa Breitbart's Live4Life Foundation Gets Noughty with Fashion Designer Veronica Beard

Melissa Breitbart's Live4Life Foundation Gets Noughty with Fashion Designer Veronica Beard

After being diagnosed with stage three melanoma, Melissa Breitbart founded The Live4Life Foundation, which now raises vital funding for important research and to raise more awareness of the dangers of melanoma.

Partnering with fashion designer Veronica Beard and Thomson & Scott Noughty this month, Melissa organised an event in New York to help raise funds for the charity and increase the charity's profile.

Through her own traumatic experience she founded the charity to amplify the discussion around protecting ourselves from sun damage and the seriousness of melanoma.

“I wanted to get my story out there and give melanoma a voice,” she says. “I was hopeful that my experience could save other people’s lives — by teaching them to protect themselves from the sun, to protect their children, and to let them know that it is a necessity to get regular body checks.”

Over the past 17 years Melissa has continued to advocate for the melanoma community. Working extensively with the Melanoma Research Foundation, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center And New York University.

Her charity's website gives further insight into Melissa's strategy - in addition she started a consulting company that sits at the intersection of philanthropy and business. Her focus is on building strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations and for profit companies. Her passion for integrating philanthropy into all sectors has helped create meaningful alliances for both the business and the charitable organizations.

Noughty was honoured to be poured at the event that was attended by some of the city's most powerful and influential women in business including businesswomen, writer and TV presenter Martha Stewart, pictured with some of the other guests.

For further information on the charity and its work click HERE.