Michelin Star Chef Andrew Pern Added To Noughty Fan List

Michelin Star Chef Andrew Pern Added To Noughty Fan List

We're delighted and proud to brag that Michelin Star Chef Andrew Pern is now officially a new Noughty fan and is welcoming our portfolio into his incredible restaurant, The Star Inn at Harome, North Yorkshire.

Andrew began his culinary journey at a young age, starting as a kitchen porter and working his way up in the restaurant industry. His passion for cooking and dedication to his craft led him to gain valuable experience in various kitchens.

In 1996, Andrew took over The Star Inn, a traditional pub in the picturesque village of Harome in North Yorkshire. He transformed it into a renowned dining destination, earning it a Michelin star and multiple other awards.

The restaurant is known for its modern interpretations of classic British dishes, often using locally-sourced ingredients. It has been reopened for a year now after having to close for major repairs following an arson attack on this 14th century pub. 

We are delighted that he has chosen to pair his acclaimed menu with our Noughty wines, and are grateful the opportunity to speak with him:

After the devastating fire, what was the thing you were most excited about when reopening? 

It was really great getting back to meeting people and making some amazing dishes using the wonderful produce we have available to us.


What’s your favourite cuisine and where do you go for it?

Seasonal British food is my favourite, classically cooked, as at The Ritz, London by John Williams.


What’s one ingredient always spending that little bit extra on?

North Sea shellfish, such as lobster and langoustines, or fish, such as turbot, is  expensive but worth it!


Can you walk me through a signature dish you’ve been known for?

It is the Black Pudding and Foie Gras dish, which has become synonymous with The Star Inn. The style is ‘rich man, poor man’; the North Country black pudding partnered with the suave pan-fried foie gras.

We serve it with a Scrumpy Reduction made with cider vinegar, apple juice and sugar, which cuts through the richness of the dish. Apple and Vanilla Chutney brings an element of sweetness and we also often pair it with a dessert wine.


How important to you has it been to include your guests in the wine experience no matter whether they drink alcohol or not?

It’s very important; we aim to offer wine matches for all of our dishes and for our staff to be able to advise alcohol-free options as well.


Which Noughty wine would you pair with which dish, and why?

I would pair the Sparkling wine with oysters, which would work well during the festive season.

Noughty Blanc - I would pair with a fish dish such as the current Halibut main course we have on our menu (Halibut, roasted in Seaweed Butter, Salt ’n’ Pepper Squid, ’Tagliatelle’ of Salsify, Black Cabbage, Chestnut, Caviar and Champagne Sauce.

Noughty Rouge - I would pair with a dish such as our current Partridge main course (Roasted Red Legged Partridge, Pear ’spiked’ with its own Liqueur, Yellow Chanterelles and Truffle Sausage, Hay ‘Pommes Mousseline’.