Noughty Quickfire Q&A with Lime Wood Hotel Chef Luke Holder...

Noughty Quickfire Q&A with Lime Wood Hotel Chef Luke Holder...

Chef Luke Holder is the Executive Chef at Lime Wood Hotel, a luxury country house hotel located in the New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England.

Holder is acclaimed for his use of locally sourced ingredients and his innovative approach to modern British cuisine. He has received recognition and awards for his culinary talents and contributions to the hospitality industry.

He has been an avid fan of Noughty for years and we are so glad to have our full portfolio poured at the Hotel. If you're interested in experiencing his cuisine, Lime Wood Hotel would be the place to visit.

What’s your favourite cuisine and where do you go for it? 

Thai and usually I cook it at home – we used to live in Kph Samui and I love Thai food. 

What’s one ingredient always spending that little bit extra on? 

Tinned tomatoes. I love a high quality san marzano tinned tomato and of course anchovies – they are always worth spending good money on! 

Can you walk me through a signature dish you’ve been known for? 

I suppose the polenta and truffle ravioli is what I have been best known for. Its such a great dish, so simple, yet decadent – when truffles are at their best there isn’t a better dish I have eaten or known that showcases the simple joy of truffles as well! 

How important to you has it been to include your guests in the wine experience no matter whether they drink alcohol or not? 

Crucial – and even for myself when I eat out I often go for non alcoholic choices – it’s lovely to go out and eat but also be able to drive home ! 

Which Noughty wine would you pair with which dish, and why?

I love the sparkling – we make a lot of charcuterie here at lime wood, and I love nothing more than to graze wonderful cured meats, while sipping on that toasty, yeasty non alcoholic sparkling – I think it sets the tone wonderfully for the start of any great meal. 

What are you most proud of in your last ten years at Limewood? 

My senior team – being with me for 10 years plus now – also ensuring no one works a full weekend – that’s certainly something I feel very proud about.