Portland Press Herald's Restaurant Critic is Noughty Ambassador!

Portland Press Herald's Restaurant Critic is Noughty Ambassador!

Andrew Ross, the chief restaurant critic for the Portland Press Herald newspaper in Maine, USA is on a mission to encourage more local bottle shops to stock Noughty.

In his round-up of the the Maine food scene across 2022, he singles out Noughty saying, "I got an angry email from the proprietors of one local bottle shop when I raved about Thomson & Scott’s zero-alcohol sparkling Chardonnay last year. I got another when I mentioned their Tempranillo-based rosé sparkler.

"In my articles, I made it clear that these terrific dealcoholized wines were both available online (heck, you can buy them on Amazon), but I secretly hoped that readers would bug local retailers to start stocking them.

"It took a few years, but the long game seems to have worked. I found bottles of Noughty at Island Spirits on Vinalhaven a few months ago. You don’t have to take a ferry to find it, though. You can grab a bottle at Grippy Tannins, Old Port Wine & Cigars, Joe’s Super Variety, all in Portland, and at Bootleggers in Topsham."

We can't thank Andrew enough. Bottles are now selling well in Maine and across the North Eastern states as we expand our footprint in the U.S.

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