The Arbuturian Gives Noughty One of The Best Reviews Yet...

The Arbuturian Gives Noughty One of The Best Reviews Yet...

Rebecca Lipkin, correspondent at The Arbuturian, has given Noughty one of the most flattering reviews we think we've ever read.

Lipkin says: "Easily comparable with a quality champagne, and arguably the most delicious alcohol free sparkling wine on the market, Noughty by Thomson and Scott is a sophisticated organic sparkling Chardonnay which benefits from careful dealcoholisation in order to retain the rich flavour of the grape in its purest form.

Satisfying the growing consumer demand for alcohol free products especially designed for food and drink connoisseurs, this beautifully crafted and well-priced bottle might well have you fooled in a blind taste test with many of the world’s most famous champagnes – you certainly wouldn’t be the first!

Not only is Noughty certified organic, vegan & halal, Thomson & Scott is proudly environmentally conscious when it comes to its production standards, partnering with Treepoints to offset the carbon footprint of every purchase.

The enlightened opposite of the overly sweet alcohol free sparkling wines that have given them a bad reputation, and with only 2.9g of sugar per 100ml, Noughty has almost half the sugar content of other equivalents making it perfect for those who like their sparkling wine dry and crisp.

The low sugar content also means that Noughty is just 14 calories per glass, offering the answer in a bottle to a hangover free celebration any day of the week."

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