The Good Trade Gives Noughty Rosé Glowing Review!

The Good Trade Gives Noughty Rosé Glowing Review!

The Good Trade, a Los Angeles-based, independent lifestyle media brand providing over 100 million readers with editorials on sustainability, slow living, and self-care has given Noughty Rosé a glowing review that made us blush...

The online magazine's editors personally tried dozens of non-alcoholic wines and selected their top picks for high-quality ingredients, taste, and functionality.

Journalist Natalie Gale said, "More and more of my friends are sober curious these days. It turns out you don’t have to be training for a marathon to find yourself wondering about the benefits of less alcohol. Perhaps you’ve had one too many hangovers, you’re trying to spend less money, you’re pregnant or nursing, or your interests have simply changed over time. Most likely, it’s some combination of these factors. Overall, people are trending towards prioritizing their wellness — and we’ll cheers to that!"

She went on to explain the upsurge in interest in non-alcoholic options coming to market and cited studies that have shown that balancing alcohol intake can have what she says are "measurable health benefits like improving sleep quality, insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure numbers, along with helping you lose weight. Another study shows that light and moderate drinking can decrease your risk of depression."

She goes on to state - "non-alcoholic wines can even provide you with boosted health benefits due to the inclusion of functional ingredients. Above all, a correctly paired wine can elevate any moment, especially a fabulous meal or snack."

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Here's the review in full:


Rather than a wine alternative, like most options on this list, Noughty is a true dealcoholized wine, so it tastes just like the real thing but with no hangover. Each of its offerings — a white, rosé, and red, plus a sparkling wine and a sparkling rosé — has been dealcoholized to 0.5% ABV or less.

I like the rosé, the flavor profile of which was subtler than the punchier flavors you often find in wine alternatives — because it’s real wine! The B Corp was founded by Amanda Thomson, called one of the “coolest people in food and drink” by Business Insider.

Customer Review - “This is by far the best non-alcoholic wine out there. It truly mirrors the flavors and tastes of a good rosé wine. I love to drink and collect fine wine, and have found the Noughty collection (sparkling and still) as a perfect substitute for my ‘daily driver.’” – H.

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