TV Presenter Joe Fattorini Loves Noughty!

TV Presenter Joe Fattorini Loves Noughty!
For more than 20 years, Joe Fattorini has led sales teams at the UK’s largest, most dynamic, and prestigious wine businesses with what he describes as a side-hustle, award-winning career as writer and broadcaster.

For fifteen years he has written for newspapers and presented on radio and television internationally before joining The Wine Show, the world’s most successful wine television programme, in 2016.

Today he works with wine businesses in leadership, advisory, and consulting roles.

He writes in January’s edition of Saga magazine that he doesn’t do ‘dry’ months.

"I have damp years,” he says. “I know some of you will be wondering about giving alcohol a miss for January, but the best resolution is to turn all your next 12 months 'damp'...

"Thomson & Scott has been winning fans for its Noughty range of wines for years now, especially with its Noughty Non-alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay. It's organic and vegan and sits somewhere between cava and Prosecco in style. To be honest, most people drinking it won't even notice it's entirely alcohol free."