U.S. Wine App Delectable Loves Noughty: "OMG" It Says

U.S. Wine App Delectable Loves Noughty:

Major U.S. Wine App Delectable LOVES Noughty and has written up a glowing review on its latest feed on Dry January.

Reviewer Ellen Clifford said, "These are dealcoholized wines meant to taste like wine. They are also made with organic grapes; they are vegan and halal, and the company is a B Corp. Good stuff. I was especially fond of the Thomson and Scott Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay . I was pleasantly surprised by this! It shows a little bread dough and fresh and browned green apples, with a refreshing lemon and honeysuckle finish. The bubbles are vibrant and lend enough body to make up for not having the alcoholic heft.

"I was also surprised by the Syrah (Noughty Rouge), which (omg) tasted like Syrah; it's a little smoky and olive-y, with a pleasant tannic structure.

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