We’re launching with Supper London – Bubbles on Bikes

We’re launching with Supper London – Bubbles on Bikes

Exceptional Food and superlative Skinny Champagne and Skinny Champagne Delivered Across London

When I heard about SUPPER I got the same tingly feeling as when I learnt about Satnav. The similarities aren’t immediately obvious, but bear with me and don’t turn left.

In the case of SatNav my life used to involve a lot of driving around in circles: ‘Oh’, I would think, ‘If only there were some kind of homing device hardwired in my brain’. Bit drastic, and fortunately the inventors came up with a much better option in SatNav.

With SUPPER, how often have you decided cooking wasn’t for you that day, but you yearned for more than a street corner pizza? Or were entertaining on a work day and clock-watching to work out whether chervil artisan cheese soufflé with a mandarin foam was really feasible when you were still in the office at 7.25pm? Or, and this is the kicker that dreams really are made of, how about eating the kind of gourmet feast that you can only get in a restaurant while wearing pyjamas?

I’d imagine a rota of chefs idling in my kitchen cupboard, sharpening knives and testing out pasta machines, until called to the hot plate. More practically but just as fabulous SUPPER was invented delivering exceptional food from London’s top restaurants. Sometimes you know what you want but cleverer people work out what you actually need.

So if your summer is sparkling and you want to eat Kurobuta’s Tea-Smoked Lamb on a picnic rug in Hyde Park, now you can. If your second date is a home-cooked meal, then why not Canestrini alle Nettuno from Scalini in Knightbridge?

It’s stretching the concept of home-cooked, but if you don’t get a third date out of it his or her tastebuds are made of stone. Oh, and the bikes? They have a revolutionary gyro system which means that your food and your bubbles will get a smooth ride every time and arrive unshaken and ready to enjoy!

Skinny Champagne and Skinny Prosecco are now available “on demand” through SUPPER.

SUPPER is available across London and will (soon, make it soon) roll out across the UK. We are hungrily watching for updates and will keep you posted.

Published: 29/06/2017