Sober October is here… and our alcohol-free bottles are ready!

Sober October is here… and our alcohol-free bottles are ready!

There’s always an excuse to turn a day, week or month into a cause. We’re committed – from growing a moustache to cutting down on drinks, cigarettes or meat. Now the focus is on alcohol-free drinking…

Macmillan’s Go Sober for October is now the charitable sister of Dry January. And of course it’s a fantastic to support those living with cancer. There are numerous reasons why we should cut down on our alcohol intake or go alcohol-free. Sleep is one. Healthy organs is another.

We’re delighted to be included in H&N Magazine‘s focus on where and what to drink this month to celebrate Sober October. You can also read more about why it’s important for our bodies.

Thomson & Scott Noughty has been waiting for its moment to shine and it could be this month. Delicious organic, vegan sparkling Chardonnay wine in a beautiful bottle. Who said you can’t have fun and be fashionable without alcohol?

We’ve already benefitted from some amazing responses to Noughty and more and more restaurants and bars are recognising the gap in their menu is a cracking bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine for more health-conscious customers.

Made in Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson is off the sauce because she’s pregnant, it hasn’t stopped her from enjoying a bottle or two of Noughty. (See her Insta Story here!)

Then there’s the festive season when, we are imagining, thousands of us will look for clever ways to cut down on our alcohol intake.

We’re offering two solutions – drink beautifully or don’t drink at all.