The Alcohol-Free Global Revolution with Amanda Thomson on SMASH THE BOX

The Alcohol-Free Global Revolution with Amanda Thomson on SMASH THE BOX

“The Alcohol-Free Global Revolution is here” proclaims the enigmatic Amanda Thomson. Officially one of the Top 100 coolest people in food & drink, according to Business Insider, the multi-award wining Amanda is pioneering a movement to demand more transparency from the wine sector.

It is a movement that is gaining her all the right kind of attention. As, CEO of Thomson & Scott, Amanda’s organic, vegan & non-alcoholic Noughty Champagnes and Skinny Prosecco’s are disrupting the drinks sector.

Clients include Stella McCartney and Ellie Goulding. Unbelievably, wine remains a sector where product labelling is not legally mandatory. Fear not, Amanda is on the case.

Taking inspiration from companies such as Patagonia and Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Amanda relies on the strength and power of her authentic story “I have never spent a penny on marketing,” and is growing her brand from the inside out and sticking to her intrinsic values, which also include sustainability of all packaging. “Drink beautifully or don’t drink at all” is one of her mantras.

Time to drink up this healthy, bubbly and beautiful podcast!

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