The Guardian on Noughty Rouge: "Nearest I’ve found to a Decent Red"

The Guardian on Noughty Rouge:

Fiona Beckett writes in today's The Guardian that Noughty Rouge Dealcoholized red wine is "the nearest I’ve found to a decent red."

Writing about the how the alcohol-free drinks sector is possibly now coming of age, Beckett speaks to Club Soda's Laura Willoughby about the boom in the nonalcoholic sector and singles out her Four Alcohol-Free Drinks For Summer.

Beckett says, "demand for low- and no-alcohol wines has rocketed in recent years, and the market is finally rising to the occasion.

"While it’s comparatively easy to switch to no- and low-alcohol beer... booze-free wine is a much harder nut to crack. Not so bad, maybe, for people who have never drunk alcohol or who need to give up for an extended period, but much less gratifying for wine drinkers who want to take the odd day off. The good news is that some reasonably impressive products are finally beginning to appear on the market, including... hard-to-nail reds from the likes of Noughty."

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